The all-new Suite Glass has been rebuilt from the ground up. A concerted effort was made to make this line a unique, ground breaking, glass tile and mosaic program. Years of development, trial and error have delivered a glass collection whose main focus is artisan craftsmanship.


Simply put, Vintage Studio represents the intersection between classic vintage style and progressive “out-of-the-box” thinking & design. Vintage Studio is the next evolution in ceramic tile, and that is the attitude encompassed when designing this collection to be “limitless.” What is most exciting about Vintage Studio is it flips the high production ceramic tile market on its head. Vintage Studio maintains all of the competitive price points and consistency expected, as well as many design details usually found only in boutique hand crafted ceramic lines.


This line is a re-imagination of Latin inspired traditional hand painted/crafted tiles. The name “Via” is the Latin word for “road,” or “by way of.” In this case Via came “by way of” merging previous collections into a more authentic Latin inspired line.




Known for its neutral color palette and understated contemporary flair, Stream Stone has been a staple since 2010. The revamped line continues its inspiration drawn from contemporary Scandinavian style, and introduces subtle textures to the line. Perfectly combining neutral taupe and grey limestones with black and white marbles, Stream Stone creates both an inviting space and modern atmosphere.

Studio Gazetteis a beautifully curated matte-ceramic collection that expands upon endless interior possibilities. Studio Gazette lends itself to design styles ranging from clean and sleek to retro-inspired design and is characterized by its simplicity.
Nob Hill is a collection designed with classic quality and good taste. It's reminiscent of the fine homes built in the city of San Francisco after the turn of the century belonging to oil tycoons and bankers living on Nob Hill. This line offers exquisite marble and metal designs in three colors – Crocker Gold, Huntington White, and Stanford Beige with stunning color variations that add natural warmth and character.
Built upon the wildly successful crushed glass mosaics, this line was based upon the successes of many of our other product lines that integrate and make this line truly amazing. Now after more than three years of research and design we are excited to offer the newest version of Crossroads.
This new update of Pietra Opus showcases a compilation of field tiles and mosaics in a beautiful four marble color palette, complemented by their rustic slate and quartz counterparts. Boasting a seven color natural stone palette, 27 mosaics, and two field tile sizes, Pietra Opus is sure to satisfy any taste especially those seeking the elegant beauty of natural stone.
Breakwater brings a very sophisticated West Coast feel to ceramics. The collection brings the much desired image of coastal living to any environment. Breakwater brings in a very “now” organic color palette fittingly named Sail, Sunlight, Sea, Breeze, Sand, and Mist. The life of each hand crafted tile begins with a very fine impression of Belgian linen pressed into wet clay prior to firing.
One definition for the word “align” is related to symmetry “to be placed in a line”, with another being “to bring components or parts into a desirable coordination.” The design objective with Align is to bring forward clean linear lines and shapes. All stone finishes of this line are honed to a smooth satin surface that compliments the simple design elements.
Drawing on inspiration from the hay day of American industry - Strength, Craftsmanship, and Pride - it soon became apparent that the acclaimed Central Manufacturing District of Chicago was the culmination of this piece of Americana. The name, “Ashland & Halsted,” are two streets running parallel to each other that tape off the 35th Street and Pershing Road corridor where industry titans from the early 1900s once called home.
Duality has a split meaning. It represents the contrast of its main elements; stone & glass, as well as the shape and make up of the mosaics themselves. Much like “Yin & Yang," this line has a split personality. Cool smooth glass is coupled with warm rugged stone.
Classic Statuario is a “ground up” renovation. This line is ALL about the white Statuario stone. Boasting six field sizes, nine mosaic patterns, four moulding pieces, and three water jet boarders, all elements of Classic Statuario have been meticulously designed to compliment and subtly contrast each other.
Park Place is all about timeless beauty, elegance, and glamour. Inspiration was drawn from the Roaring Twenties era of New York City. Using a very clean, matte white as the palette of this upscale all natural stone line.
The all new Atlas collection is a hand-crafted crackle ceramic line; however, the crackle finish is where the similarities end. Atlas was created from the ground up with a keen attention to detail and a balance between traditional and contemporary design, which truly sets Atlas apart.
Classic, micro mosaic stone designs found in this line were the inspiration for Mozart’s Mosaics. Classic in color, shape and design, this beautiful stone offering will add timeless elegance and sophistication to any interior.
Ledgerstone panels are beautiful natural stones designed for both commercial and residential installations. Comprised of 100% natural stone, Ledgerstone is ideal for both interior and exterior wall applications. Designs using Ledgerstone panels give a timeless rustic flair to: accent walls, indoor and outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pillars, exterior cladding, and landscapes.
The Specialty Brick collection boasts a truly unique, yet functional approach to modern-industrial design. Its blends create consistent variations that accomplish a realistic brick look made from durable European porcelain. The focus with this porcelain brick was offer the beauty of exposed, rustic brick famously associated with modern, industrial, loft design. The combination of classic, vintage brick and new-age design culminates into a palette resulting in endless possibilities to accomplish a coveted modern-industrial appeal. This European-made brick offers all-encompassing floor and wall applications as well as intended uses for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.
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